Common Garden Birds of the United Kingdom

Most Common Birds Found in British Gardens

In the United Kingdom, there is an annual event that takes place called the Big Garden Birdwatch. This event centres around individuals who count the birds that they see within their garden space. In this article, we will talk about some of the most common birds that are counted in garden spaces during the Big Garden Birdwatch.

1. The House Sparrow

The first common garden bird of the United Kingdom is the house sparrow. This beautiful bird enjoys making a nest under cover and is known for nesting in the roof of a home. During the summer, the house sparrow, like the rest of us, can become overheated, so if you would like to place a bird bath in your garden area, you are sure to receive a pleasant surprise when you witness the house sparrow fluttering and splashing playfully while it cools down.

2. The Starling

A truly beautiful bird to behold, the Starling is another common garden bird that is found in the United Kingdom. These birds are full of character and are known for mimicking other sounds around them. When first viewing the Starling, its feathers will appear dark. But on further inspection, you will see beautiful shades of green, purple, and blue on this creature. A wonderful addition to any garden, be sure to be on the lookout for this colorful beauty, both inside and out.

3. The Blackbird

The blackbird is a creature that has varying dietary needs throughout the year, focusing on different types of berries. You may spot the blackbird in your garden at any time of the year, save for frosts. Though this bird may be a bit shy, leaving it a snack of sultanas and mealworms is sure to give it the incentive to visit your garden often.

4. The Blue Tit

A beautiful garden bird found in the United Kingdom, the blue tit is likely to move into any nesting box you have around your garden space, so if you enjoy the thought of having permanent tenants, place a box or two.

5. The Goldfinch

Fifth on our list of the most common garden birds in the United Kingdom is the goldfinch. This creature is one of the most beautiful birds of Britain, and if you have a garden on your property, no doubt you would enjoy this bird visiting from time to time. To attract the goldfinch, plant teasels and the thistle in your garden as it enjoys feeding on these.

While these are some of the most common garden birds found in the United Kingdom, there are many others that you may spot from time to time. These include the woodpigeon, the Robin, the great tit, Chaffinch, and the collared dove. If you enjoy seeing birds in your garden, we recommend placing plants that attract them inside your space, as well as birdbaths, nesting boxes, and bird tables that they can visit to feed on. Be sure to document the types of birds you see as well.


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