Super Fumer Flea Killer Smoke Bomb 6 x 11g – Formula ‘P’ Flea Fumigator from Pest Expert (HSE approved and tested – professional strength product)

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  • Rigorously tested by the HSE. Approved and licensed by the UK government for use in homes
  • Powerful Flea fumigation device for rapid and effective knockdown of cat and dog fleas in carpets and furniture
  • 1 x 11g smoke bomb treats an area of 100 cubic m3 - 3 times that of a standard Smoke Bomb
  • Easy-to-use and leaves no residue
  • Contains the strongest concentration of Permethrin for amateur use
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The Pest Expert Formula ‘P’ Super Fumer Flea Bombs contains 300% more insecticide than a standard Fumer making it ideal for eradicating dog and cat infestations in open-plan living areas. The Pest Expert Formula ‘P’ Super Fumer Flea Bomb has three times the power of a regular Fumer, and treats an area three times larger, so is perfect for eradicating flea infestations in open-plan living spaces. After lighting, it releases a permethrin smoke which fumigates a room, killing adult dog and cat fleas. Once dispersed the smoke leaves no residue, so will not taint or damage carpets or furniture. The Formula ‘P’ Super Fumer is an essential component in any comprehensive flea treatment for the home. To maintain long-lasting flea control, we recommend any fumigation is carried out in addition to applying residual insecticides such as Formula ‘C’ Flea Spray. Each Super Fumer contains sufficient insecticide to cover 100 cubic metres, which equates to an area of approx 8m x 5m. To treat more widespread flea infestations, add extra Super Fumers as necessary. Contain Permethrin at 13.25% w/w.

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